About Us

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Our History

M&P Vertebrate is an Australian-owned and operated vertebrate pest animal control agency. We are proud to provide the best pest animal management available to clients around Australia through innovation, knowledge and passion.

Our experienced team of pest animal specialists are fully licensed, highly qualified and insured. Our team strictly abides by all regulations, both state and federal.


Nation-Wide Pest Annimal Control Service

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control provides high-quality pest animal management to a range of Australian industries. We work with Australia’s leading farmers and growers in the Agricultural space, mining and quarry facilities, landfill collection sites, cattle and sheep stations, domestic landholders and government agencies nationwide.

Our discrete business model provides clear confidentiality within any operation that falls within the guidelines of vertebrate pest animal control. Speak with our team today about how we can help remove pest animals from your property.


Complete Vertebrate Pest Control Management

Removing pest animals from property with sustainability and environment in mind.