Pest Control Services for Foxes in Australia

Foxes are recognised as having a serious impact on many native animals, and is considered to be a major contributor to extinction of some species. Do you notice traces of foxes around your property and want professional fox trapping services?

With qualified fox control specialists and modern tools, M&P Vertebrate Pest Control offers comprehensive fox removal services to help make your environment free of the pest permanently.

What Are Foxes?

Although 3 colour morphs (red, silver or black and cross) are generally recognised worldwide, the red morph is most common in Australia. In general, the throat and abdomen are white, lower legs and ears are black and a bushy tail is tipped in white.

Foxes occur in a variety of habitat types, including arctic tundra, desert, temperate forests, boreal forests, meadows, grasslands, agricultural and urban environments. They attain their highest densities in human-dominated habitats. Foxes are not found in tropical climates.

Red foxes were introduced into Australia in the 1850s and have spread across 76% of the continent.

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