Feral Dogs

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Feral dogs prey on a variety of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles of all sizes from insects to water buffalo. However, they prefer to eat small and medium-sized mammals when available, including native mice, dunnarts, bandicoots and wallabies. Feral Dogs pose a serious threat to native wildlife, domestic pets and small livestock.

What Are Feral Dogs?

Australia’s Wild Dogs including dingoes, were introduced approximately 4000 years ago. Wild dogs are now widely distributed throughout Australia.

Interbreeding between domestic dogs and dingoes has become more extensive and there is now a much greater range of variability being displayed such as skull shape, increased body size and coat colouration.

Feral Dogs are found in varied habitats. They often use roads, creeks and fence lines as travel ways and generally see a higher activity in autumn (mating season).

Feral Dogs often prefer more inaccessible areas during whelping and rearing seasons (winter and spring). They usually breed once a year, often between April-June and produce litters of 4-6 pups.

Feral Dogs competes directly with dingoes for food and living spaces, particularly in refuge areas. They prey on small remnant populations of native species such as bridled nailtail wallabies, koalas and tree kangaroos, threatening biodiversity.

Quick Facts About Feral Dogs In Australia

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