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Feral goats are a destructive agricultural pest that cause significant environmental and financial damage. They are found in all mainland states of Australia with the largest numbers found in NSW, southern Queensland, central-eastern SA and WA.

Feral goats have been estimated to cause losses to livestock farming of $25 million per year in Australia, not including their impact on the environment or pasture degradation.

What Are Feral Goats?

Goats were introduced into Australia and New Zealand very early in European settlement and the feral descendants have since spread across 35% of Australia.

The Australian feral goat population consists of a mix of Angora, Cashmere, Anglo-Nubian, British Alpine, Saanen and Toggenburg breeds. Both male and female goats have distinctive curved or corkscrew shaped horns, although some may be hornless.

Feral goats are most active during the day and rest at night in regular camp sites. Herd dynamics varies depending on seasonal changes, birth rates and the movements of the male bachelor herds. Feral goats tend to use high or difficult-to-access areas as their night-time camp sites to minimise the risk of predation.

As a selective browser, feral goats can drastically impact specific plant communities over a relatively short period. Feral goats cause considerable environmental impacts through soil damage, over grazing and browsing.

Feral goats are a major agricultural pest throughout Australia and the economic losses caused by feral goats can be split into four key areas of impact including primary production, exotic diseases, land degradation and management of goats.

Quick Facts About Feral Goats In Australia

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