Indian Myna Bird Control

Pest Control Services for Indian Myna Birds in Australia

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control provides monitoring and controlled methods of removing Indian Myna birds. Often the subject of noise complaints, the India Myna poses significant environmental impacts to native wildlife and neighbourhoods in suburban areas.

Several community action groups throughout Australia trap and euthanase Indian mynas. Members believe that coordinated, persistent trapping reduces Indian myna impacts in the activity area.

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control provides professional removal of Indian Myna birds throughout Australia. Our team follow close animal welfare legislation to ensure control methods are humane.

We provide both euthanisation and relocation services for Indian Myna Birds. Indian Mynas can be trapped on private land, however, not all landholders will have a suitable environment for trapping; so we offer free a land assessment and quote for all customers.

What Are Indian Myna Birds?

Indian myna birds are a medium-sized bird native to the Middle East, India and Asia. Indian mynas are brown with a glossy black head, neck and upper breast; bright yellow bills, eye skin, legs and feet; and an upright posture.

They are sometimes confused with native noisy miners (Manorina melanocephala); however, native noisy miners are grey rather than brown in colour and have flesh-coloured legs rather than the bright yellow legs of the Indian myna.

Indian mynas are an introduced species that have the potential to expand their range and become more abundant in a variety of open habitats, including parks, gardens, suburbs/towns, agricultural areas and some eucalypt woodlands.

Indian mynas prefer areas that have been heavily disturbed by human activities. Clearing trees for agriculture and urban development creates an ideal habitat for Indian mynas.

Facts & Potential Impacts Of Indian Myna Birds

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Looking to get rid of Indian Myna Birds in your area? Speak with our pest control experts about on-site surveillance, Indian Myna Bird traps, eradication program and relocation services. Our experienced team can help with the removal of Indian Mynas nationwide and service both rural and suburban areas across Australia. Request a free quote online today and our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss a solution.