Mining & Quarries

Pest Animal Management For Mining & Quarrys

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment and native animals located around Australian quarry and mine sites.

Our team work closely with Mining and Quarry representatives to provide pest animal management services to help mitigate the environmental impact on local native fauna and animals, improve the safety of personnel and reduce potential economic impact.

Mine and quarry sites based in Australia can be susceptible to pest animals including feral dogs, cats, foxes and in some cases feral pigs.

When assessing a mine site or quarry, we identify the impacts and risks, apply state-of-the-art monitoring techniques, and develop and implement animal control and management actions.

Our proven pest animal control methods include trapping and shooting by experienced professionals.

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control works with Australian mines and quarries nationwide. To request an on-site consultation and assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us online today.