State & Commonwealth Government Agencies


M&P Vertebrate Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment and native animals from pest animals throughout Australia.

Our team work closely with local, state and federal agencies to provide pest animal management control services that help mitigate the environmental impact on local native fauna and animals, improve the safety of personnel and reduce potential economic impact.

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control can integrate directly with government agencies to help monitor, control and streamline pest animal management. Our team have extensive experience and can work with all states and terrirories.

Pest Animal Management For Local Councils

Pest animal management is a key area that ocal councils deal with on a daily basis. From suburban estates to rural outback towns; our team integrate with local councils to help mitigate pest animals where required.

Indian Myna Birds, Feral Cats and Rabbits are among the most popular animals that we provide monitoring and control services for.

Pest Animal Management For State Forestry / Local land Service (LLS)

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control can provide pest animal management and control services for state forestry and local land service. Our team provides monitoring technology to track animals in state forests; including areas with challenging terrains.

Feral Dogs, Foxes, Feral Deer and Feral Pigs are among the popular pest animals which inhabit state forests and our team of experts can help.

Pest Animal Management For National Parks & Wildlife

We manage pest animal populations in our national parks and wider reserve system.

Invasive, introduced pest animals, are widespread across Australian national parks and many are listed as key threatening processes and pose a danger to many threatened species.

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control are committed to the protection and conservation of biodiversity in Australian national parks.

We manage pests within the national parks system to protect native animals and plants, maintain natural ecosystems and cultural heritage, and minimise the spread of pest animals and weeds to and from neighbouring land. We prioritise pest management efforts when: