Pest Control Services for Rabbits in Australia

M&P Vertebrate Pest Control provides monitoring and controlled methods of removing Rabbits.

The feral / wild rabbit, also known as the European rabbit, is considered major pest and the species were the quickest colonising mammal to spread from its introduction by the first fleet. This invasive species multiplies rapidly and can cause costly damage to agricultural crops and gardens.

Wild rabbits are an occasional occurrence across NSW and part of Queensland, Perth, and Victoria, but are a common widespread pest across SA and in the southern region of WA. Fortunately, wild rabbits are mainly absent in the northern region of Australia.

What Are Rabbits?

Rabbits graze on native and introduced vegetation, crops and pastures. Rabbit grazing can prevent seedlings from regenerating and reduce crop yields, as well as increase competition for feed with livestock.

This may affect the carrying capacity of livestock on a property, resulting in lower weight gain, lower wool production, reduced births and higher mortality during drought.

Rabbits directly compete with native wildlife for food and shelter. They also impact on native plants by ringbarking, grazing and browsing, and preventing regeneration of seedlings. Their digging and browsing leads to a loss of vegetation cover, which in turn can result in slope instability and soil erosion.

Rabbits usually emerge from their warren 1-3 hrs before sunset, grazing and socialising. They usually stay above ground during the night unless disturbed.

Quick Facts About Feral Rabbits in Australia

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